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The Google browser is now available for iOS


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Chrome for iOS is a lightweight browser that offers its users simplicity, speed and usability. Or in other words, an almost identical experience to that found on computers, but better adapted to mobile terminals.

The application comes with all the features from the traditional browser, such as the tab system and arrangements, and conveniently accessible bookmarks. In addition, of course, it also counts on some specific features to make it easier to control on touch operated mobile devices, such as the chance to switch between windows with a single touch.

More benefits of this portable version of Chrome are its quick navigation with accelerated page downloading, private browsing in Incognito mode, search and navigation with omnibox, and synchronising bookmarks and open tabs between a desktop browser and an iOS terminal. This means you can access the same pages from one workspace or another.

Chrome for iOS, despite still being a very early version, is one of the best choices of browser for Safari. Of course, if you use Chrome on your computer and have an iOS terminal, it is just about indispensable.
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Saving passwords can be such a dang headache, especially if you use a bunch of different ones for the sites you use most (as you should). But if you don't fancy using a manager like LastPass, you can always turn to Google's own service. Thanks to Smart Lock, in addition to inserting passwords automatically into blank fields, you can double-check any passwords that you've previously entered into the browser and then forgotten. Here we explain how to do that using the Chrome app for Android.
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